Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Before I lose all momentum...

I thought I would force myself to at least blog today.  It seems I haven't any ideas to put on here and so I wait for something to come.  Obviously that isn't working.  I will just have to get on here and do it.

I've certainly been in a bit of a funk lately.  As a bit of explanation:  My husband worked out in California for the last 9 months.  I was here.  Lonely adult with three kids and the dog.  In a new house that needed unpacking.  I figured it would be great when he got back.  Not so.  He is a wrench in the works that I've tried to hard to keep together on my own.  Bummer.  I am glad that he is back but I'm also not glad that he is back.

I was also hit emotionally harder than I thought I would be by the death of a dear, sweet friend of mine.  She died of pancreatic cancer and I'm still near tears as I write this.  My nose is stinging and my heart hurts every time I think of her and the wonderful people she left behind who needed her.

As a writer, I've taken this opportunity to put in my mind the feelings of grief and confusion that I'm feeling.  One day I'm sure to write a scene where I will need to pull on these intense feelings.  For now, that is the only good I can come up with for this situation.

Happy writing!