Thursday, April 21, 2011

Motivation-or lack there of...

I've been thinking A LOT lately (probably the last 6 months) about motivation.  I can be totally motivated and excited about something I'm doing and then, especially if it's a large project, I lose my excitement and motivation and I begin *gasp* procrastinating.  So what motivates me?  And perhaps that is the wrong sort of question to ask.  Maybe I should be asking, "What keeps me motivated?"  I don't have problems finding motivation at the start of a project.

I've come to the understanding that I don't really know how to keep myself motivated.  I don't know what happens to my motivation.  Maybe I need to look at my story in a different way?  Maybe I should split up the story into smaller pieces?  Maybe I should give myself a time limit?  Maybe I should have a few different stories to work on at the same time?

If anyone has any ideas please feel free to share!

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  1. I have the same problem, sometimes. It's so easy to get distracted. But, I've decided if writing is what I love to do and it's "the dream", I just sit down and I do it. :)