Monday, May 2, 2011

It's been a while...

As the title infers, it's been a while since I last posted.  My life suddenly became very hectic for the past few days.  My little guy had a small surgery.  I had my mom come to help me because I thought I might go crazy at the hospital.  (Luckily that didn't happen.)  Then we decided to paint a bed frame for little guy and instead it turned into not only painting the bed but the nightstand, table, bookcase and room.  Looks fabulous and I will post pics once I get all the furniture arranged properly.
I was thinking during all that time that I needed to sit down and write a post!  I was crazy with it... and then the feeling left me, until tonight.  I must get back to writing!  My next big thing is my writing conference!  That may explain why I suddenly got the writing bug back.  I'm really excited to go and learn some writing stuff.  (Plus I will be at a hotel with no kids.  Heaven has come for me at last!)

I really enjoy going to conferences.  I love meeting the people and talking with others who have the same passion as I do.  It is really quite refreshing.  I enjoy learning all the little details about the craft or the business.  I love how the published authors that are in doing their classes love helping those of us who haven't gotten published yet.  They want us to live our dream too and I love the support and passion from all those around me.  If you haven't been to a writing conference (and you want to write) I would go.  Just sayin'...

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  1. Oh, no - is Brennan ok?? I hope it wasn't anything serious. He's such a doll. :)

    So, just got back from Pike's Peak and it was fabulous!! Which conference are you going to? I'm doing the Saturday session of Storymakers this weekend. That should be fun. I totally agree! If you haven't been to a writing conf. and you love to write, you simply MUST go!!

    We need to get together soon, cous. What do you think?