Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Love Reading!

So, I was at a loss as to what I should write about today.  I then looked at my decidedly messy desk and remembered that I'd piled a bunch of magazines on the corner a few weeks ago.  I thought maybe if I looked through them an idea would come.

I was on my third magazine, an old edition of The Week, and that is when I came across something that caught my eye.  It wasn't even a main article.  It is a total of four sentences at the bottom of the page in the corner.  But it made me look twice...

"More than 450,000 people have joined a Facebook group called 'I Hate Reading.'  A rival group, 'I Love Reading,' has attracted fewer than 45,000 members."

Really???  I can't imagine that so many people really hate to read and so few really like it.  Do the haters just have a bigger support system?  Everyone I know likes to read something.  It may not be fiction.  It might be history books.  It may not be biographies.  But it could be the newspaper.  I mean how do you go around saying you hate reading?  It's like saying you hate that you have to lift your arm up to put food in your mouth.  :)

Anyway, Facebook is a crazy place and at least it gave me something to write about tonight that was at least in some way related to my work of writing!

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