Monday, September 19, 2011

The Elusive Muse

All this time, I thought I was better at writing when the moment hit me.  When I was single, it was so easy to write when the Muse took me.   When I got married it was a little more difficult but still possible.  Then I had my first child.  Then another.  And finally my third.  I found I would wait.  And wait... and wait...  for the muse to come and take me away to my story land.
Now, as mentioned in a previous blog post, my third, and youngest is in preschool, giving me 2.5 glorious completely alone hours.

I realized that I was going to have to get that blasted Muse myself.

I decided when I signed him up and after having hardly ever had the Muse take me in the last 3 years that I would dedicate that time to writing.  I was a little hesitant because I never had done that before and I honestly didn't know if it would work for me.  I'm having way more success than I ever thought I would.  I'm so glad that I did schedule the time to write and I only use it for writing.  Not to say that I don't have a quick thought, idea, or description come to mind that I need to write down.

How many of you schedule time for writing only?  Or do you wait for the Muse?  Or do you use a combination of both?


  1. when I'm waiting for the Muse, I read. And read and read until...I find I'm in the mood for a book that I can't find- a premise I haven't heard of, and I realize that if the book doesn't exist- I guess I'll just have to write it:) Good luck!

  2. I like CQG's response! Actually, I find that I do seem to write better after I've just read an amazing book. I do still wait for that muse, however - which doesn't visit me as often as I like. And I write whenever. Scheduling time for it could help - I'll have to look into that! :)