Thursday, September 22, 2011

Passion as Love

I have passion about very few things.  One is my family.  One is my writing.  One is music.  I LOVE this stuff.  

I love how my family keeps me sane.  I love the support they give me.  I love the encouragement.  I love how we can laugh together.  I even love how we fight and then make up.  I love our differences.  I love our learning experiences.

I'm a piano player.  I love music.  I actually was majoring in music oh so long ago when I was young and in college.  I love how music can make you feel.  I love how complicated it is.  I love how it can create an emotion.  I love how it can help you remember certain feelings or times in your life.  

And I obviously love to write.  I love how I can put my feelings down on paper (or computer) as in a journal entry.  I love how I can create a person.  I love how I can create a world.  I love how I am in control of that world and character and I can create a moving, exciting, wonderful, terrible place.  I love to explore all the things that could happen in my world with my characters.

I just felt today that I needed to share what I loved about the things that I loved most in my life!

Happy Writing!


  1. I seem to be one who loves a whole lot of things. Cupcakes, people, animals, time with the hubby, etc. I can't help myself, so many wonderful things to love!!

    I'm a new follower *waves* SO nice to meet you! I look forward to future blog posts :)

  2. I love you and all of your loves too! You are amazing! Keep loving...hugs from me!

  3. I share some of your same "loves" - writing, family. I do love music ~ but, it's something else entirely to create and play it rather than just listen to it. One of these days ~ you'll have to give me lessons or something. :) My 3rd love would probably be travelling. Just wish I could do it more!

    (and Jen D. found you!! Awesome - she's one cool chick in blogger land ~ :))