Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Spirits Up!

Today I struggled with keeping my spirits up.  The dumb thing?  There was no reason for it.

Yeah.  So, a side effect of this was that I couldn't keep focused on writing.  (I'm even having a hard time with this post!) I did get some writing done but not any where near what I wanted to pound out today.  And right now I'm forcing myself to write this blog because I want to so bad that I don't even care if it is bad.

I'm hoping that some of you have had a similar experience and can share what you do to pull yourself up when you don't really know what's bringing you down!  (Especially if it is effecting your writing...)


  1. I get depressed if I haven't been exercising regularly. It's so hard to work that into my crazy schedule, but is so necessary for peace of mind. Also, a daily dose of scriptures and a trip to the temple at least once a month helps a ton.

    Christy Barnson

  2. I hear going to haunted houses with your gal pals is good for what ails you... :) I know how you feel, though. I haven't written anything new in...well, too long. I guess I just give my brain a mental kick to remind it I'm working on my dream here. Hope your spirits lift!!