Monday, October 3, 2011

Mile Stones/Progress

So today I finished a first draft/outline!!!

Yes!  I'm so excited!!!  I've only been doing this for a month!  

If you've been following my earlier posts you'll remember that I wanted to write for a long time.  I did it off and on with no real schedule and thus no real progress.  This year my youngest is in preschool 3 days a week for 2.5 hours so I made that my writing time.  It worked!  I've made so much progress-obviously!  I've actually got the story down and can now focus on making it the best story I can.  

Being at this point however did bring up a question...  Critique groups???  Not if you need them or not because I believe you do but how do you find the right one for you?  Any suggestions?

Write On!


  1. Ummm...that's easy. You join mine!! :) Actually, finding dedicated writers who write/read/enjoy your genre is a good start. So happy you've got the story down!! I wish u continued success fleshing it out!

  2. Hey Amy! Visiting from Donea's site. There are several bloggers here who have signups for those looking for critiques. (It's late enough on a Friday night, I can't think of any at the moment!) But network with other bloggers and find out who writes in your genre and offer to be critique partners.
    I just put out a cry for help on my blog and found three amazing critique partners.

  3. Wandered over from Donea's blog. She's in my online critique group, which I love to death. I found it when I posed your question on author Brodi Ashton's blog (she also has a fabulous critique group). Robin Weeks told me about her critique group and invited me to join. I've learned so much from this wonderful group of writers.

  4. Find a local one and if it doesn't work, try another one. Give them a month before you quit though.

    Alternatively, if you're up for it, find like minded people online and set up a facebook group.

  5. Are you a member of Savvy Authors? They have all kinds of workshops and forums and such. They also have a good amount of critique groups that you could join.

    Go here: Join for free and check out the forums

  6. Hi! I came over from Donea's blog, too! I don't have an actual crit group, just crit partners, and I found them from other writing blogs, just reading their comments, then stalking them over to their blogs and getting to know them through comments and emails and stuff. I like that way because then you really get to know them and make that kind of connection that makes for a better partnership, if that makes sense. Good luck!